Scott LePage, Tim Henson, Jason Richardson,Li-sa-X: Polyphia Japan dates set for July 2017

Opening act: Li-sa-X

Technical · progressive · metal that is showing excitement not only abroad but also in Japan, and new style of sound called also Djent (Gent) system. This is expressed with instinctive performance technique with a beautiful melody in Polyphia and its Polyphia album also joined guests, Jason Richardson featuring Luke Holland reigning in the scene with amazing technique reigns as a special guest Coupling The performance is decided! Li-sa-X (12 years old) appearing in a hot topic appearance which draws out the guitar play of the transcendent tech with a smile as an opening act appeared!

Polyphia plans to release a new album in July according to his arrival in Japan! Jason Richardson came to Japan, featuring a famous name player as Luke Holland, a new generation Baka-Tec drummer! It is very much awaited for fans who chased this band of bands! It will be a legendary performance to be handed down in the Japanese Djent scene in the future. In addition, polyphia 's Tokyo 2 show plans to live with different set lists! You can not miss either!

  • OSAKA MUSE Osaka 2017 7/11 (Tue) OSAKA MUSE
  • Tokyo 2017/7/12 (Wed) Shibuya / Daikanyama SPACE ODD
  • Tokyo 2017 July 13 (Thu) Shibuya duo music exchange