Ash Cook, Tom Moore, Kieran Hogarty: Valis Ablaze - UK tour dates

Following the success of 'Insularity', released on January 30th, we realised how important it was to maintain our relationship with our friends and fans on a regular basis. With social media being harder and more expensive to utilise, we wanted to contact you all directly.

And we just want to say thank you again for buying our music, merch or just registering an interest in CDs/Vinyl! And thank you for giving us a show in this last 10 months since we've been active again.
In this short time, we've received such great feedback on our live performances, recorded music and products, as well as played shows with our influences all over the UK!

If you bought a t-shirt since the EP release, we'd love to see a picture of you in one: We'll use it on social media if you don't mind too. Just reply to this email with the picture and your social media username so we can tag you.

- We're currently in the process of writing the album. We're in two minds about a concept but musically, it will see us focus and expand on our favourite elements of Insularity.
- The entirety of Insularity is now tabbed in GuitarPro for anyone that wants to learn our songs with great accuracy - watch this space!
- On top of writing, we also have the following shows lined up:

03/06 - The Contortionist/Bad Sign/Valis Ablaze at Frog and Fiddle, Cheltenham
29/06 - Drewsif Stalin/Valis Ablaze/BoE/Hirondelle at Exchange, Bristol
08/07 - UK Tech Metal Festival at Newark Showground, Newark on Trent
16/08 - Vola/Sumer/Valis Ablaze/Novena at Dingwalls, London
02/09 - Rock Against Cancer at The Victoria, Glastonbury

And a few more in the pipeline we can't wait to announce!

Thanks again for your support and we're glad our music means so much to you.

You can stay up to date with regular content from us on all the usual platforms too - links below!

(From Left to Right)
Tom, Kieran, Phil, Ash & Rich