Mikio Fujioka: ESP Guitars: ESP SNAPPER-7

Mikidai Fujioka (Mikio Fujioka) is, show off a demonstration using a signature model ESP SNAPPER-7 Fujioka Custom of now on sale! The ESP SNAPPER is the traditional looks of the basic, but it is a model that has a specification that can respond to a wide range of music that commitment Fujioka has been condensed. Comments from Mikidai Fujioka (Mikio Fujioka). It is, that that can be used without any problem at work that I ask the guitar. Say "no problem use" is, it is not affected by the strong and environment neck well the pitch. In particular, the sweetness of the pitch in the prone low position that it is Floyd Rose is perfect this guitar. The ideal guitar for me. music: Capriccioso / Mikidai Fujioka (Mikio Fujioka) Mikidai Fujioka (Mikio Fujioka) Twitter

ESP Guitars: ESP SNAPPER-7 Fujioka Custom Demonstration by 藤岡幹大(Mikio Fujioka)

ESP Guitars: SNAPPER Fujioka Custom Demonstration by 藤岡幹大(Mikio Fujioka)