Grim Shit, Andy Gillion: Headcrushing Clouds (Feat. Andy Gillion)

Hello, my Friends.
I hope things are doing well for you all. So, here is another song taken from my next instrumental album,"Lux In Tenebris", which is yet in the works, at the moment.

Patience, fellows ! The time will come for you to hear it, God willing. Thjs song is a very special one, as it features a lead part from none other than Andy Gillion, guitarist and songwriter in the band
"Mors Principium Est". This is one hell of a solo !

So, I do hope you will enjoy the song, despite its length (which is normal length for me....). Thanks for your support. Feel free to share. More coming soon. Follow Andy Gillion : 

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Grim Shit - Headcrushing Clouds (Feat. Andy Gillion)