Hanako Fujiwara: Octaviagrace - NEW EP "Polyhedra" release commemoration event

Octaviagrace NEW EP "Polyhedra" release commemoration event

■ Date and time: October 28, 2017 (Sat)
OPEN: 12: 00
START: 12: 30

■ Venue: dues Shinjuku
■ Event Description: Mini · Live + Autographed
■ Participation method
9 Scheduled to be released on January 27,we will hand out an event participation ticket to customers who purchased Octaviagrace "Polyhedra" (FRTR - 1003) at the target store of the disc union.

■ Target Store
Online Shop / Shinjuku Heavy Metal Building / Ochanomizu Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Building / Shibuya Punk Heavy Metal Building / Osaka Shop / Ochanomizu Station Store / Jimbocho Store / Shimokitazawa Shop / Kichijoji Store / Machida Store / Yokohama Kannai Store / Chiba store / Kashiwa store / Kita Urawa shop / Omiya store / Takadanobaba store / Ikebukuro store / Shinjuku used center / Japanese rock · indies hall / Yokohama Nishiguchi store / Nakano shop / Tachikawa shop

◎ Drink fee (500 yen) We will receive

◎ On the day it will be entrance on first come first served basis.
(Alignment starting schedule: 11: 30)
Visitors In the case of many visitors, we will enter on first-come-first-served basis.
There is a possibility that you will not be able to enter, so please be forewarned.

◎ After the mini · live, we will hold a CD jacket · autograph session.
Please bring your purchased CD jacket on the day.

Octaviagrace - white graffiti (Official Music Video)

Octaviagrace 【アザーブルー 】MV