Al Joseph: Creative Harmony Workshop | Ultimate Modal Harmony

No more mystery! You're going to get the secrets to mastering your own songwriting process with the intrinsic use of modal harmony. No more decision making fatigue, no more guessing whether what you've written is any good, no more writer's block.

You see...

Harmony and rhythm are one. But you must become rhythmically versed to make better use of harmony which is why in my "Developing Ideas" and "Breaking Writer's block" Workshops, I taught you my rhythmic techniques first. In my previous workshops I basically taught you how to use rhythm and also how to develop a rhythmic flow while developing your ideas. Now we're going to sum it all up with harmony.

In this new installment I'm going to show you how you can master the harmonic side of songwriting to bring out the full flavor of any ideas you may have and also any ideas that may come to mind. It's all about context and I believe 100% that you have a voice and you are going to learn how to bring that voice to life using these simple techniques!

Let's get started!

Creative Harmony Workshop | Ultimate Modal Harmony

Al Joseph - NIGHTLIGHTS (Full Band Playthrough)