Andy Timmons: Beatles, Kessler Theater, Dallas 2017- Andy on fire

I know, probably not exactly what you expected, but just a staggering TONE/Melody performance at Kessler Theater in Dallas, in now a long string of such performances by Andy in any incarnation. His vision is so well-crafted now and expanding (at least LIVE now here, but he's still holding out on us, dribbling it out when he has it all ! ). He is a FORCE, and well-deserving player/person IMO. ACES dude.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity here to witness SOLO the subtlety of his technique live, and experience his personality on stage.
I truly don't know who is better than Andy right now, but that's subjective, so just watch and see what you think for yourself.
I personally would like to see a little WES, because I imagine he gets that in spades, but I'm just digging this latest stuff more than ever :-)

An intimate show of very significant import for me............ Thanks Andy, much appreciated

EPIC Andy Timmons SOLO Beatles, Kessler Theater, Dallas 2017