Roy Marchbank: Phat Bhoy Pick Demo

The Phat Bhoy pick has been meticulously developed over the last 30 years by Roy Marchbank,, virtuoso guitarist and composer. It is the only pick he uses to facilitate his amazing technique.
The Phat boy is a unique, multi faceted, 9mm thick plectrum, designed to give clean notes played with less restriction. This can provide more power and precision as well as speed when required, as Roy demonstrates here. The Phat Bhoy can be used for electric and acoustic stringed instruments, including Bass guitar, Bouzouki, Mandolin and all types of Guitars. Purchase details are at the end of the demo for the pick and associated pedagogy material. Each pick is hand finished and personally tested by Roy himself. We look forward to sending you your own Phat Bhoy pick very soon. Thank you for your interest and support please feel free to share the Phat Bhoy demo across all social media.

For purchase of The Marchbank "Phat Bhoy" Pick, please contact us via (this address appears at the end of the demo video now on YouTube).
We need a few details from you like which hand you hold your pick in, also if you angle pick do your fingers point south when you play or north. In any event, when you contact us asking to place your order we reply to you the same day, asking what Roy needs to know about your playing. Then we can get the correctly angled one off to you directly. These important details about how you play is why we ask people to contact us via e mail so we can send the correct Phat Bhoy for the way you play. They cost £20 plus p&p and we look forward to getting yours off to you very soon. Thank you for your interest.

Roy Marchbank Phat Bhoy Pick Demo