Pinxi Liu: YoYo - For The Love Of God - Steve Vai - 10 year old has incredibly mature vibrato

YoYo: For The Love Of God - Steve Vai - the cute 10 year old is back!

The video is shoot about 7 time, choose the best recordings and the best picture. Yoyo made a minor mistake in the middle part, but mischievous look on her face and a shy smile, I really love that. I don't want to delete it, so I made a clip for video by DaVinci Resolve 14.
This video used ESP E-II FRX Electric Guitar.
Orange OR15 Amp & PPC 212 (The specially made OR15 sets for Yoyo).
Effector pedals tone set-up is Joyo Irontune(Tuner) - GreenLegend(Overdrive, I treat it as Boost) - Quattro(Digital Delay) on the Loop.
Gruv Gear FretWraps String Muters.
Recording: TC 24D Soundcard, SM57 Mic, and PC.

Steve Vai - For The Love Of God - Cover by YOYO - A 10 year old girl