Yvette Young: Jam Play Guitar Course (Coming Soon!)

Meet virtuoso guitarist Yvette Young. In her new JamPlay course, she teaches how to write creative compositions for guitar. Pre-enroll here: https://www.jamplay.com/guitar-lessons/yvette-young If you are interested in writing music that is melodic, emotionally driven, and harmonically detailed, then this course is for you! Break out of the usual habits and go-to chord shapes you are familiar with, and get inspired by the world of open tunings. Yvette will introduce you to how they can be utilized in writing full-sounding, melodic music, along with dedicated lessons for various techniques and song-writing tips.

Learn more here: https://www.jamplay.com/guitar-lessons/yvette-young Course Overview: This comprehensive course will start with an introduction to open tunings, and then introduce players to more complex fingerpicking patterns. This will also introduce players to compound time signatures. Learn about how combining techniques adds sonic texture (e.g staccato vs legato, timbre and tone quality), and gradually learning riffs in an open tuning that incorporate various fingerpicking and tapping techniques. Learn various two-handed tapping techniques and fingerpicking exercises. Achieve polyphony and texture, and add interest and fullness to any melodic line. These are great tools for writing lush sounding and melodic guitar riffs. Yvette will also show you healthy and effective playing form, and how to get the most efficiency out of your practice time. Build hand independence and learn two-handed tapping that utilizes fingerpicking and tapping simultaneously.