Paul Rose: The Lost Soul

The are a few reasons behind the title of this track. First of all, it was originally sketched on a portastudio in my flat in London, on Abbey Road in 1995, as a kind of 70s style soul song. Like the kind of thing we'd hear on the radio as kids. Then I revisited the song about 7 years ago here in my studio, where I did the entire backing track of drums, bass, synths and percussion etc. Only to find that in the passing of time the pitch of my voice had changed to the point where I couldn't get the higher notes in the key I'd recorded it in. Although I did mean to transpose it, I got distracted with life the world and everything, and so it got forgotten. Or "lost" one might say. So now finally today after 7 years of stopping and starting, here is a version for instrumental guitar. You may see from changes in my physical appearance that some time has passed from the beginning to end.

Also, there are 2 cut away shots included here. The first is of me holding up the red LsL guitar in the middle of the standing stones. Known as the Ring Of Brodgar, on the Orkney Islands off the north Coast of Scotland. Which date back over 5000 years. This was shot from a drone by my friends at William Roger and Katryn Amos of Aipro Media. At this point in the track you can hear the wonderful backing vocals of my very good friend Anna Ross who happened to be staying with me during a time I was working on the track, thanks Anna.

The other cut away is a time lapse of the Tyne Valley in Northumberland, where I spent many years as something of a lost soul.

All music and video composed produced and constructed by Paul Rose.

Paul Rose - The Lost Soul