Tom Quayle: Signature Session

Brand new Tom Quayle course!

Tom Quayle's Signature Session is available now.
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Aimed at intermediate to advanced players, Tom exclusively and for the first time, breaks down not only his approach to soloing and improvisation but also his method of composing and achieving his tone.
Debuting his track “Tapioca”, a Latin-infused instrumental in a similar vein to the likes of Chick Corea and Greg Howe. Tom uses a manner of motifs, patterns and phrases combined with techniques such as Legato, Hybrid Picking and Sweeps to mold his signature sound and with the help of this course he will explain to you in great detail how it’s done, as well as showing you a pathway to finding a sound of your own.
This superb course contains an exclusive top quality backing track and a detailed PDF transcription, allowing you to experiment with the new ideas, licks and solos gained from one of LickLibrary’s most popular tutors.

NEW RELEASE | Tom Quayle Signature Session