Roy Marchbank: Abyss - a deep immeasurable chasm

Part of a new piece composed today...
Abyss - a deep immeasurable chasm. Profound and unfathomable, the primal chaos before creation.

By the way the like/dislike buttons on my youtube posts will become disabled as of tomorrrow. The reason for this is through advanced analytics we have discovered there are a bunch of determind haters in Australia and the odd (very odd!) one or two in the Netherlands and U.K. The few spoil it for the many. Their tactic is to get in there as soon as my posts go up and try to influence watchers by putting a thumbs down. They never leave comments to justify their dislike and interestingly they don't even watch the videos until the end. Save to say if they have anything to make comment about this will flush them out and if they don't, then they basically don't get to try to create negativity. I would encourage any one to make comment good or otherwise on my posts but if you are going to dislike something at least have the guts to say why...perhaps if you are misunderstanding any aspect of the music then this can be explained to you. Musical taste is subjective but this behaviour of disliking pattern smells of haters. Fortunately there are many more supporters out there and I thank you