Andy James: Ultimate Melodic Phrasing - Andy James Guitar Academy

Ultimate Melodic Phrasing - Andy James Guitar Academy

With this pack I wanted to do something I’ve never done before and that’s focus solely on melodic phrasing,how to build epic solos and sharing my approach to it. The solos I have performed over the tracks are less metal in terms of the musical delivery, but still apply to how my mind works melodically, even when I approach playing over heavier styles of music. So even when playing more shred type stuff, this approach is always running in the back of my mind.

Hopefully what you will learn is how to see scales like the Pentatonic and Major scale positions in a more musical way and less like scale patterns which is often the big question I get asked a lot “how do I take the scales I’ve learned and put them into a musical context” well this is how. There is also lots of musical ways to play arpeggios and faster passages too that add to how you can create a more balanced soloing technique.

There are 5 tracks which I perform 5 different solos in different keys to illustrate a lot of what I’m talking about, in easy to digest, less technical offerings than I’m usually known for, so it’s much more manageable across a wider skill level of player. Of course there is also the accompanying tab as well for you to reference.

You will also get extended versions of the backing tracks so you can jam for longer, experimenting with the ideas I’ve put forward hopefully mixing them with your own approach too.

And of course there are also lesson segments on each track talking through some of the techniques, phrasing and note choices used.

I really feel proud of how this came out and I hope it helps you get to the next level moving ever closer to the guitar player you want to be.



Ultimate Melodic Phrasing - Andy James Guitar Academy