Mateus Asato: Most Angelic Ballad Track Yet! |

Mateus Asato's Most Angelic Ballad Track Yet! |

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This angelic track was recently featured as part of our 'JTC Guitar Hero Ballads 2' album! So if you're up to the challenge, this track is now available with note for note transcriptions and backing track so that you can learn to play it like Mateus!

Containing sweet melodies, intricate chordal ideas and plenty of groove, this beautiful track could prove quite the enjoyable challenge! Few players can write/play like Mateus Asato, but combine hard work and practice, with the contents of this package and you'll have everything you need to do just that!

Check out the full video in the 'Overview' tab, then click the ‘Buy’ button (for instant download) or hit +MyLibrary to start learning today and raise your game with JTC!

N.B - The notation matches the live video performance played by Mateus, included in this pack!

Mateus Asato's Most Angelic Ballad Track Yet! |