Ulysses Venegas: The Genetist - Gōrudomisu/ゴールドミス/Djapanese Djent

A new song that I`ve been working.
My musical style is based on traditional Japanese harmonies and modes.


A few days ago I was having fun playing with my loop station and I wrote a riff, I started to develop it and I decided to record it, this was the result of it, I hope you like it.
I use in the video Boss Loop Station RC-20XL, Line 6 Delay DL4 and a Zoom Overdrive PD-01 that I occupy as Booster to increase my gain level and my distortion is more linear, all played with my beautiful guitar Venegas "The Genetist" Signature "Geisha Katana" Hybrid Fretless to emulate the microtonal sound of traditional Japanese instruments.

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Thanks for watching and listening.
Enjoy :)

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The Genetist - Gōrudomisu/ゴールドミス/Djapanese Djent