Pierre Danel: Kadinja new album preorder

Alert info guys ! 2 special announcements.

The first one, which is the bad one, is that Nico recently decided to leave the boat, mainly for professional reasons. We really would like to thank him for all he has done for this band. Of course, don't worry, we remain good friends, and his choice, difficult one for us all, does not have any impact on our personnal relationship. Below a message from him (EN/FR).

Secondly, please welcome a new face in Kadinja. Stevos Tdtc, also playing in The Dali Thundering Concept, joined the band as new bass player. Quentin Godet switchs to the guitar. Here is the new line up (pic by Nicko Guihal).

Be ready guys, we are working on a lot of new things for this year, that could happen sooner than expected !

Stay tuned !

Message from Nico :

EN - "It is with a lump in the throat that I announce you my leaving from Kadinja.

For several years I have shared my everyday life with Pierre, Phil, Quentin, Morgan and Jihane. 
More than fantastic musicians, they are true friends of mine, and a part of my heart. 
Recording, touring, concerts, masterclasses and parties taught me so much about music, but also on a human level.

Nowadays, I am facing a new path : new professionnal opportunities that won't enable me to be as implicated as Kadinja's quality requires.

I am so happy and grateful to have lived all of this, at the side of these amazing people. I have learned, given and most of, I have loved so much.
Kadinja is, and will always be, a fantastic story of my life.

So, thank you. 
Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart."

Vocals : Philippe Charny Dewandre,
Guitar : Pierre Danel,
Drums : Morgan Berthet