Marc Roy: Nordicity new Progressive Metal album by Divine Realm

by Divine Realm

Leo Diensthuber
Marc Roy
Tyler Brayton
Josh Ingram

With musical roots in Progressive Metal, Rock, and Metal-core/Djent, Divine Realm is an uncharted alliance of technical lead guitar work over unique instrumental soundscapes.

The band (who has been compared to Animals As Leaders, The Human Abstract, and Between the Buried and Me) includes Lead /Rhythm guitarist Leo Diensthuber, Lead/Rhythm guitarist Marc Roy and bassist/producer Tyler Brayton

1.As the Crow Flies 01:20
2.Autumn 03:32
3.Whitewater 04:05
4.Revival 05:00
5.Hanging Valleys 05:28

Nordicity by Divine Realm 
Release Date: March 2nd / 2018 

1. As the Crow Flies 
2. Autumn 
3. Whitewater 
4. Revival 
5. Hanging Valleys
released March 2, 2018 

All music written by: Leo Diensthuber, Marc Roy, Tyler Brayton and Josh Ingram 
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by: Marc Roy 
Produced by: Marc Roy and Leo Diensthuber 
Album Artwork by: David Journeaux