Nita Strauss: Kickstarter new goodies added to this amazing fundraiser!


Project We Love Rock
Los Angeles, CA
£71,736 pledged of £13,983 goal
1,086 backers
15 days to go

When I asked what anyone would want added, I heard three things loud and clear: VINYL, guitars, and pizza. This is why I love you guys. All three things have been added and are available now! I cannot get more JIVAs, since the first batch is in production and they are all spoken for 😞 BUT I was able to secure a few of a beautiful S series very much like the one I played on the Motley Crue tour, which I will ship out personally, signed and dedicated to you, your best friend or your little guitar player if you would like!!

I also added more pizza nights with me and Josh... we had pizza from this restaurant over the weekend and I can't wait for you guys to try it. Best pizza I've ever had and that includes Italy and NYC- try it before you argue with me!

And last but not least... VINYL is here!! This took me a while to add, since vinyl is a completely new territory for me and I had to research EVERYTHING about it... where to have it made, what the costs for printing will be, etc. But I figured it out! It's one tier above the Polaroid package, so only an extra $20 and comes with the polaroid photo and all the cool stuff in the CONTROLLED CHAOS package.

To change your pledge to one of these new tiers, visit the project page and click the “Manage your pledge" button that appears next to your pledge amount, then select "Change your pledge" on the following page. From there, you’ll be able to adjust your pledge amount or choose a new reward tier you'd like to pledge for and your pledge amount will update automatically.

As always if you guys have any questions feel free to ask here and I’ll do my best to get back to everyone!!!

Thanks silkie_xiii for this awesome edit!!