Andre Nieri: Master Course on JamPlay

From blending Flamenco phrases with rock leads, to Bossa-Nova infused Blues, Andre Nieri delivers a unique sound to match his unique story. Hailing from Brazil with degrees in Jazz and Brazilian Performance, his playing harmoniously fuses unique flavor with beautiful phrasing, tonality and timing. This JamPlay exclusive course covers the gamut of techniques and concepts to achieve this unique style.

About Andre Nieri:

Andre Nieri was born in Brazil and inspired by bands such as Metallica and Pearl Jam at an early age. He was exposed to a wide variety of music styles growing up and fell in love with Brazilian Jazz music called "Bossa Nova". He believes that being raised in Brazil was a great opportunity to get exposure to a variety of music styles.

Andre graduated from Brazil's most renowned music conservatory with a degree in Jazz and Brazilian music. He then toured the country with various Rock bands and also entered and won many major Guitar Contests. His skill on the guitar, and ability to draw large crowds, led local media to describe him as "the guitar hero for the next generation".

He joined up with world-class drummer Virgil Donati to form the Virgil Donati Band. Touring around the world, Andre has an incredible control of technique, rhythm and phrasing that continues to amaze and delight audiences.

Andre is currently working on his first solo record which blends everything from extreme metal to jazz bossa nova. He has discovered that teaching is his second love and finds it highly rewarding. A constant student himself, he is excited to share his knowledge.

Andre Nieri Master Course on JamPlay