Andy James: 20 Licks, Digital guitar booklet, TABS, Guitar Pro files and video content!

Ever wanted to learn my most up to date and current licks, tips, tricks, ideas and phrases?

Well, now you can!

Ive put all the techniques I use into this new pack called '20 Licks' which will give you a huge insight into how my brain works.

Also ive added a new feature along with '20 Licks' and included actual slowed down footage of each lick (in two speeds) so you can see (and hear) the EXACT lick with the exact rhythm as I feel some of this gets lost when you play an example at a slower speed.

I think this will really help you learn the lick from a slow > medium speed, then right up to speed!

The pack comes with streaming video (60 videos total) and downloadable PDF TAB Booklet (Transcribed by Levi Clay), downloadable Guitar Pro files, downloadable backing track AND Insta-Licks (worth $19.99) for FREE!

Ive put a lot into this pack and feel theres something in there for everyone - head over to this page now to check it out!