Sarah Longfield: Jam Play Master Course

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The Strandberg-wielding, polyrhythmic tapping technician herself is here to set the record straight and document her unique approach to guitar. A multi-instrumentalist from a young age, Sarah Longfield is now being praised for both her bombastic covers and dazzling original compositions. Her JamPlay exclusive course reveals her advanced techniques, how she creates and records her music and much more.

Challenge yourself with Sarah's advanced rhythm techniques. From hyperactive fingerpicking to eight finger chordal tapping... her rhythm lessons aim to inspire and motivate you. Topics include:

🗸 Odd-count Fingerpicking
🗸 Polyrhythmic Chordal Tapping
🗸 Open Tuning Chords
🗸 Creativity Boosting Tunings

Known for her innovative lead style, watch step-by-step in HD as Sarah explains her unique techniques. Then practice with the videos using backing tracks from her music. She covers:

🗸 Legato Tapping
🗸 Extended Range Tapping
🗸 Sweep Tapping
🗸 Polyrhythmic Tapping

Composing other-worldly music is only a part of what makes Sarah Longfield so unique. Her fierce musical ability is awe-inspiring to say the least. Learn the axioms to achieve a similar prowess:

🗸 Finger Tones for Tapping
🗸 Synth Tones
🗸 Overcoming Obstacles
🗸 Recording for Improvement

An exclusive, in-depth study of virtuosity on extended range guitars that will challenge and inspire guitarists of all backgrounds. Sarah Longfield teaches rhythm, soloing techniques and musicianship that helped her to build a career doing what she loves. We are excited to now welcome her as our newest JamPlay artist, with an exclusive course arriving in the next 30-60 days.

Sarah Longfield Master Course