John McLaughlin, Jimmy Herring: McLaughlin-Herring - Live in San Francisco

Live in San Francisco by McLaughlin-Herring

1. Meeting of the Spirits 08:50
2. Birds of Fire
3. A Lotus on Irish Streams
4. The Dance of Maya
5. Trilogy
6. Earth Ship
7. Eternity’s Breath Parts 1 & 2
8. Be Happy

“This recording of the final set at the Warfield Theatre brings to full circle the amazing advent of The Mahavishnu Orchestra In 1971, and its renaissance this night in San Francisco.” mused the boundary-shattering guitarist John McLaughlin. On his farewell tour of America, which comprised of 25 concerts, John invited one his favorite musician, guitarist Jimmy Herring and his band “The Invisible Whip” to explore the timeless music he had created four decades ago.
On September 21, 2018 , Abstract Logix issues Live in San Francisco – a souvenir of a sold-out concert at the historic Warfield Theatre, a beloved venue last visited by John McLaughlin thirty six years ago. In the 4th Dimension – Ranjit Barot (drums, konnakol), Gary Husband (keyboards, drums), and Etienne M’BappĂ© (bass) and in The Invisible Whip – Kevin Scott (Bass), Matt Slocum (Clavinet and B3), Jason Crosby (Fender Rhodes, Violin, Vocals) and Jeff Sipe (Drums) – The Meeting of the Spirits tour featured a 9-piece orchestra that further amplified the seminal music he created in the 70’s, documented in albums – “Birds of Fire”, “Inner Mountain Flame” and “Visions of Emerald Beyond”.
So connected are the nine members that the interplay approaches telepathic levels, making for powerfully evocative... more
releases September 7, 2018
John McLaughlin: 12 string Double Neck and 6 String Guitars
Jimmy Herring : Guitar
Ranjit Barot : Drums, Konokol and Vocals
Gary Husband: Electric Piano and Synths
Etienne M'Bappe: Bass and Vocals
Jason Crosby: Violin, Fender Rhodes and Vocals
Kevin Scott : Bass guitar
Jeff Sipe: Drums and Gong
Matt Slocum: Hammond B3 and Clavinet
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