Vinnie Moore: MTV's Metal Hammer: The Bailey Brothers Interview July, 1988 and Fretboard Frolics with the late Mikhal Caldwell

Here's MTV's Metal Hammer with The Bailey Brothers interviewing Vinnie Moore. Do you have any MTV's Metal Hammer shows on VHS or DVD-R (Other than obvious the 11 LP Mode DVD's that were uploaded online, I don't need those apparently). I'm looking for FULL, Uncut episodes of MTV's Metal Hammer, SKY Channel's Monsters Of Rock (With Mick Wall hosting) and pretty much anything from the early SUPER Channel.
Please contact me at: if you have any full shows. And again, please, not those 11 DVD's that are a bunch of cut up segments and videos. I'm looking for people who have the show sitting on VHS still, or have transferred the show to DVD-R in at LEAST SP Mode quality (with a standalone DVD recorder). No LP Mode bullshit.
Thanks and enjoy the video!

MTV's Metal Hammer: The Bailey Brothers Interview With Vinnie Moore (July, 1988)

Fretboard Frolics with Mikhal Caldwell guest Vinnie Moore