Daisuke Kunita: DIY 1st Album "Man Cave" Great JFusion

DIY: Daisuke Kunita (Kunita Daisuke) Guitar Shintaro Imamura (Imamura Shintaro) Dr Yusuke Morita (Yusuke Morita) Bass "Hemenway St" music by Daisuke Kunita Cloud funding is being held at CAMPFIRE!

【Instrumental Trio DIY】 Guitarist Daisuke Kunita and drummer Shintaro Imamura, who are friends at Berklee College of Music, and Imamura once experienced a 4-city live tour in the USA Yassuke Morita who bassist made. Three people caught up with a session live. The recording studio will also work toward album production / live tour after handmade DIY home recording!

Daisuke Kunita

DIY "Thought of Luvid"

DIY 1st Album "Man Cave" teaser