Mark Holcomb: Clinic [4k] John Petrucci's Wise Words

*PLEASE READ* Hey guys we filmed another Mark Holcomb clinic and this time in 4k along with a 1080p angle and a GoPro right under Mark! The lighting was a little low so the GoPro doesn't work the best, but nonetheless, still a great shot. One of the more interesting things Mark talked about was how Periphery first got to the "Big Stage" (1000 people +) after Dream Theater asked Periphery to tour with them. On this tour, Periphery had a major technical problem...Find out by starting at the first "Questions" section following this guide below. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary: 
3 Dot Records- 2:50 
Growing up- 3:40 
Lost Guitar- 5:15 
Gear/Guitar Tips- 6:33 
Building Mark's Guitar- 8:14 
Prayer Position- 18:48 
Questions- 23:40 
John Petrucci- 32:44 
Haunted Shores- Harrison Fjord- 42:20 
More Questions- 47:10 
"I don't know music theory"- 50:45

Mark Holcomb Clinic [4k] John Petrucci's Wise Words