Mika Tyyskä: Respect this Moment (from Night Overdrive -album)

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This tune is sort of a tribute to my childhood hero Steve Vai. This got some pompous vibe and heavy riffs, even a little Vai style tapping lick.
I had an incredible opportunity to work as a guitar tech for Mr. Vai last spring during his Masterclass in Finland. I got to jam with him and had an opportunity to talk with him a while about what he has meant to me. We also talked about musical influences and finding your own tone. It was such a great chance to connect with the idol of my youth. Yes, I totally respected that moment!

About the tune and making it
This is was one of those pure "compose and record as quickly as possible" type of sessions. When I started this tune I had aboslutely nothing in my mind. I simply started everything by grabbing ipad and creating a new session on Korg Gadget. About two hours later I had this tune complitely recorded and then I just had to mix it to finish it up.
I'm working on a full video demonstration of this type of working. Me composing a quick full tune and pulling it all from absolutely nothing and ending up with recorded track. And using a 4-track cassette recorded ofcourse ;)

The video
I shot this video little late. after I had recorded most of the guitar parts already I realized I should put it on video. Some of these video parts aren't exactly the takes ones you're hearing. But some are! This is not really a playthrough video and it's not really a music video but atelast you can see where the fingers go.

Thanks to
Ruokangas Guitars, Hughes & Kettner amps, D'addario strings, Totoro.

Mika Tyyskä - I Respect this Moment (from Night Overdrive -album)