Richard Hallebeek: JvH new CD release

I’m playing on a new cd from Jeroen van Helsdingen Band with Frans Vollink - bass, Marc Schenk - drums and it’s available for preorder now. We've recorded it over the past 1,5 years and It probably has more guitar on it then my own cd’s

;-) Below is a video from what you can expect: creative songwriting from Jeroen, challenging solo parts and a great sounding end product from studio 'Het Atelier'. There’s two options you can check out: a regular signed cd by all band members (you’ll receive the cd two weeks before it’s release Oct 1st 2018) and a deluxe package featuring all my Axe FX sounds used on this cd, plus three songs minus guitar with charts included so you can jam along.

Jeroen van Helsdingen Band – Hels! (2018)
Band : Frans Vollink, Jeroen van Helsdingen, Marc Schenk, Richard Hallebeek
Title : Jeroen van Helsdingen Band - Hels!
Format : CD
1) Icarus
2) India
3) Prayer To The Sun
4) Clare Fischerish
5) Septiem
6) Afrika!
7) Nord Lead Jam

Richard Hallebeek - JvH new cd release