Al Joseph: Hyvmine On Patreon?

As Hyvmine works towards their second full-length record, we look to connect and build a community with our fans at the center. Even signed to a record label, making records, music videos, touring and merchandising all take a HUGE financial toll on a band; sometimes to the point of bankruptcy.

Hyvmine can do better.

With the help of our amazing fans, and in the forging of this community, #HyvNation can get the job done. It's not easy out there. Every player in this game has an extremely important job to do. Whether you're with a label, or you do it DIY, it is important to have highly skilled participants in any musical operation, especially outside the music. What we see here is an opportunity for us to do what so many bands fail to do, and that is to create a clear avenue for our fans to not only have access to our musical endeavors, but to also have a hand in our success as a band.

Although we've proven we can play with the best of them, and our profile is growing rapidly, we don't want to go any further without making this connection with all of you as we press forward. Let's get the job done!

Welcome to #HyvNation!

Hyvmine On Patreon?