Borja Mintegiaga: Taken 'Afterlife' Guest Solo

* TABS AVAILABLE HERE: Hey mates, IT HAS BEEN A WHILE!I´m happy to be here again! I have been out of Youtube, but more active in Instagram and Facebook. Btw, I have just thought to start uploading more content here again. This is a guest solo I did two years ago for a Power Metal band called Taken, and due to TAB demands I have just done Lesson Package for those who want to learn and practice it with the Backing Tracks. Hope you enjoy the solo, and If you get the tabs please, have fun! * Signal Chain: Crackle Pink Kiesel Osiris 7 - HESU White Connect cable - Kemper Profiler - M audio Fast Track Ultra 8r - Logic Pro 9 * I proudly endorse:- Kiesel Guitars: - Swiss Picks: - HESU: