Ron Thal: VH Sons Of Apollo & More With Ron Bumblefoot Thal and Vintage Guitar

Tonight we welcome legendary guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal to the program before he heads off for an extensive European tour.

We'll talk the new Sons Of Apollo Album "Psychotic Symphony", fretless guitar and mastering, mutual love of Van Halen and so much more.

** Helpful Time Stamps **

- 2:53 New Sons Of Apollo record
- 8:07 Working with Derek Sherinian
- 12:55 John Bonham and other classic musicians
- 19:28 Signs of the time
- 22:47 First band
- 25:05 EVH infuence
- 26:32 Custom guitar mods
- 29:34 EVH style
- 36:43 Playing with Ace Frehley
- 40:19 Vigier Signature Guitar
- 45:00 Reading music
- 52:30 That Metal Show / MXC
- 55:43 Playing EVH Gear
- 56:35 Merchandising
- 1:05:23 Talking Metal / Zakk Wylde
- 1:07:39 Creative Rut
- 1:15:05 Frettless inspiration
- 1:18:13 Picking a Super Group
- 1:24:30 Romeo Delight (live play)
- 1:27:15 Favorite Amp
- 1:33:35 Bumblefoot plays Green Tinted Sixties Mind
- 1:35:10 Bumblefoot plays some Billy Sheehan

Huge thank you to my very good friend James Poulin for his outstanding efforts & commitment in providing us all with these helpful timestamps for you to skip around in the interview.

Be sure to check out more info from Ron at the links below:

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VH Sons Of Apollo & More With Ron Bumblefoot Thal

Sons of Apollo’s Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal!

VH Sons Of Apollo & More With Ron Bumblefoot Thal