Alex Hutchings: The Stomp

Part 2 of 3 video performances this month. Another Old Skool Style jam that has been sat around on my hard drive for years that I decided to record just for fun. I have many little ditties like this that I intend to put up over the coming months. Hope you'll dig 'em.

Some will draw upon my love of Jazz, Rock, R'n'b sweet ballads etc, this one is just a very simplistic melody that was in my head one day about 6 years ago and couldn't decide if it was cheeky and a bit of fun or really flipping annoying.... ;-) but never the less I thought I'd put it up, mainly because I believe it's good to get things out of our system in order that we can make way for more things to come through.
So here it is, a video performance of 'The Stomp'...
Part 3 coming soon.

THE STOMP By Alex Hutchings 2018