Zack Brannon: Eleji - "Fracture" Play Through

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Eleji - "Fracture" Play Through

1.Fracture 04:25
2.Why (feat. Gabe Pietrzak) 03:38
3.Through The Umbra 05:39
4.Pinnical 03:54
5.Miles Below (feat. Icaro Paiva) 05:14

An eclectic instrumental metal EP with elements of pop and jazz harmony and heavy grooves! This is the first of hopefully many more to come!
released September 12, 2018

Mixed and mastered by Gabe Pietrzak
Artwork by Taylor Aguirre
Guest solos by Gabe Pietrzak and Icaro Paiva

Eleji - "Fracture" Play Through

Here's a guest solo I did for Taylor Aguirre’s new Icarus release. “Hecate” is available now!
Icarus - “Hecate” guest solo