Brad Bradbury: Four Backing Tracks to bust you out of a rut

Yes, beaches ,babes, and guitars, nothing bad ever happens in the world of AOR.

This one is A minor all the way through, Aeolian mode, pentatonic minor/blues will all sound good.

To make the most of the backing track try to find some melodic notes to target on the changes. Lukather is the one to listen to if you need any inspiration.

A Minor, Aeolian Mode Backing Track, AOR Jam Track Style.

Strap on your guitar and chill out with this latest backing track for you to improvise over. E minor pentatonic, blues, natural minor all work.

Mellow Backing Track In E Minor

Explore the unknown with this backing track and delve into the mysteries of the phrygian dominant scale.

Atmospheric Backing Track In E Minor, Phrygian Dominant Scale.

This backing track in C gives you the chance to try out many different scales. As it uses only the root and fifth (C,G), it gives you a great deal of flexibility in how you play your solo over it. If a scale contains C and G it will fit. There are many scales you could choose both major and minor as there is no third in the jam track, I have given a few less used scales as suggestions in the video but experiment and see what happens.

Multi-Scale Backing Track In C. Try Out Exotic Scales.