Dallton Santos: Beautiful guitar song - "By the Edge of the Stream" -

Beautiful songs on guitar - Instrumental guitar music | Rock ballad enjoy :) Listen/mech/download http://elevatesingle.com

guitar Dallton Santos
bass Felipe Andreoli
drums Rodolfo Ferreira

Recorded Area 51 Estúdio & AS Estúdio (Felipe Rinke)
Mix & master João Milliet - Cada Instante
Art design Fernando Kao
Sponsored by Ibanez / D´Addario / Laney / Gruvgear / Gutti Picks / Ramá

Recorded with Bias Fx /Amp2

The cloud balloon is the inner force or a divine entity, pulling the rhinoceros beyond the clouds, as if it were the weight of our consciousness and the sky had no limits. The interaction of the birds with the rhinoceros conveys the idea: if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go accompanied.

There are many amazing songs in the world, amazing songs on guitar and beautiful songs to play on guitar I hope you have a good time listening to Elevate.

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If you enjoy beautiful songs on guitar check more here https://youtu.be/Rx0U3PsKT7Q

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I enjoy writing guitar instrumental songs in many styles, and I'm always inspired to beautiful guitar songs and melodic guitar ballads. The guitar can speak in a solo making people relax, be happy, or rise any emotional state.

You can enjoy as an instrumental background music while study, travel and meditate. The idea was to make a rock ballad beautiful song, something emotional with a stunning guitar solo.

Best relaxing guitar music for meditation, sleep, relaxation, study and to play in your guitar

https://youtu.be/CV8rZUdByfk Dallton Santos - “ELEVATE” (2019) Beautiful Songs on Guitar

Beautiful guitar song - "By the Edge of the Stream" - Guitar Ballad by Dallton Santos


  1. Thank you for posting!! Just a little correction: the title should be
    Dallton Santos - “ELEVATE” (2019) Beautiful Songs on

    Because the description is about this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CV8rZUdByfk song name Elevate and not the one that apears here.
    Anyway no problem!! I will always love the support you give to my music all these years! God bless! Dallton


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