Shawn Lane: The Willys, Live from Memphis Sound October 8th, 1988

I didn't realize until recently that this gig was not available in full on YouTube, so here you go! From what I can tell, this is a live radio concert made by The Willys in October of 1988. Of all of the Willys bootlegs that are out there, this is easily the best one available in terms of the audio quality. It should go without saying that the performance itself is phenomenal...if you're at all a fan of 80s hard rock and/or Shawn Lane, hold onto your butt! The Willys are: Sam Bryant: Keyboards/Vocals Rob Caudill: Bass/Vocals Russ Caudill: Drums Shawn Lane: Guitar and Insanity I do not own the rights to this music, and I have not in any way monetized this video or am intending to profit off of the work of these musicians. I am simply a fan who is making this exceptional recording available to others. If any member of The Willy's is not cool with me uploading this video, PLEASE contact me and I will remove it. Likewise, if I have misstated any information about this gig, please let me know and I will update it (I'm going off of what's available online, so it's very possible I got something wrong).

Track Listing:
Intro I Want You Back 0:20
Kid Million 3:45
Dirty Blonde 7:53
Searching for Something 13:00
All That I Want 17:30
If I Could Look in Her Closet 23:50
All Along the Watchtower 28:30
One Thing on My Mind 34:13
Twisted 38:18
Messin' With My Mind 43:18
Kiss Your Love Goodbye 46:52
Dreamin' About Love 50:38
High Heels 56:20
Hair of the Dog 59:48
Rock Me Blind 1:04:01

Shawn Lane with The Willys, Live from Memphis Sound October 8th, 1988 (Full Show)