Juan Dhas: Etude 3 - Reminiscence

Etudes Vol. 1 - Harmonic Concepts in Improvisation - Available now at http://www.juandhas.com/store

Hey all, I just wanted to share with you one of the Etudes that will be available in the new book I've been working on for the past while! This one's all about Spread Triads, an essential part of the harmonic toolkit for a guitar player.

The book contains 7 etudes, each with a performance video (like the one above) and a breakdown of what's happening, along with the PDF book (includes sheet music and etude summaries). Do keep an eye out for this, it'll be available via the store on my website - http://www.juandhas.com

Feel free to check out my music below! - https://juandhas.bandcamp.com/

Juan Dhas