Mateus Starling: NEVER from Mateus Starling plays Daniel Figueiredo

This is our seventh single from the work "Mateus Starling plays Daniel Figueiredo". The quartet is composed by Kleyton Martins (keyboard), Estev√£o Lima (bass), Tiago de Souza (drums) and Mateus Starling (guitar and arrangement), where we interpret songs from novels by composer Daniel Figueiredo in the FUSION version. The album is available in full (10 songs) on the streaming platforms, but you can get the physical cd through my site. ➜ ABOUT THE PROJECT: There are 10 fusion themes and you can get the physical cd autographed, songbook in sheet music and tablature, playback, MP3 music with commemorative pendrive directly through my website. Commemorative packages have only 50 units, so run there. Just click here to go directly to the purchase page:

NEVER (Matthew Starling plays Daniel Figueiredo) #jazzfusion #rockfusion