Shane Leadbeater, Samuel Joseph: Cynosure by Genetics - 4 piece instrumental progressive band

Genetics is a 4 piece instrumental progressive band that uses poignant spoken word elements intertwined with heavy riffs and ambient structures.

The band draws on influences from popular progressive rock and metal bands, along with influences from jazz and alternative rock.

Genetics has performed with national and international acts: The Contortionist, SikTh, Sleepmakeswaves, Leprous, Protest The Hero and Closure in Moscow. During this time, their sophomore concept album, Cynosure, was written and recorded.

About the album
The album, Cynosure, is a conceptual release that uses leitmotifs to construct a narrative journey in 43-minutes. The 3 recurring themes throughout the album draw listeners into a compelling story amidst the catchy melodies and strong riffs.

"I really appreciated the presence of strong hooks throughout the tunes, performed with strong musicianship without flexing into "hiding the 1 beat". Looking forward to hearing what Genetics come up with next! Favourite tracks: Episteme, The Chandrasekhar Limit, Entheogen.”

Chris Brooks
Guitarist, Composer, Educator, Entrepreneur – featured on works with Yngwie Malmsteen, Black Sabbath, Lana Lane, Brett Garsed and LORD


Jar Orr: Bass
Luke Spies: Drums
Shane Leadbeater: Guitars
Samuel Joseph: Guitars

Guest solo on The Chandrasekhar Limit by Simon Dawes

Drums recorded at Arthur Street Studios, Homebush, NSW

Drum engineer: Nathan Sheehy

Mixed, arranged, produced and programmed by Samuel Joseph in a garage in Sydney

Mastered by Douglas Skene at Ploughman Studios,

Artwork by Dixon Jong of Intuitive Design

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