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https://www.instagram.com/jasonhook_5fdp - Jason Hook, rock music guitarist of Five Finger Death Punch started his music career at the age of 6 in Oakville, Ontario with private guitar lessons. His early experience in formal music training also included drums, piano and violin.

Born in Toronto, Jason Hook started his music career at the young age of 6 in nearby Oakville, Ontario with private guitar lessons. His early experience in formal music training also included drums, piano and violin.

He spent many years in Canada honing his craft and was eventually signed to Elektra with his band "Monkeyhead". The band recorded an album with producer Beau Hill in Los Angeles but the disc unfortunately was never released in America. The album was released on Frontiers Record out of Italy.

From 1999-2001 he spent playing with a large number of LA based acts including former Warner Bros recording artist "BulletBoys".
After a stint with the Bullet Boys, Hook was named acoustic guitarist for Pop Star Mandy Moore. “While playing pop songs wasn't his passion”, Hook says the experience with Moore proved “Invaluable”.

Around 2003 Vince Neil, former lead singer of Motley Crue came calling. After 2 successful years of touring and playing, it was time for a new path, a new challenge…that challenge was Mega Pop Star Hilary Duff.

Hilary Duff needed the Best of the Best, Hook auditioned and beat out over 50 other guitarists. “I was touring around the world, massive venues, a lot of television appearances, and it taught me how to be a professional and how to be responsible. And I had to be prepared at any given moment to play thirty-something songs”.

While attending a Hilary Duff show a few years earlier, Rock Music Icon Alice Cooper took note of Hook. Cooper later contacted Hook and for the next 2 years, 2007 – 2009, he was tearing up stages in front of Massive crowds, for one of the Kings of Rock Music.

In 2007 while playing with Alice Cooper, Hook released his debut instrumental hard rock/metal album Safety Dunce, which won him a LA Music award for best instrumental record. Hook recorded his second solo release American Justice in 2007, which featured guest appearances from Alice Cooper and members of Five Finger Death Punch. American Justice is still pending release.

Early 2009, Hook joined heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch, replacing guitarist Darrell Roberts. On September 22, 2009 Hook and his bandmates released War Is The Answer, which landed them a number 7 debut on the Billboard Top 200 album chart.
2012 One of Hook’s dreams came true, he was contacted by Gibson Guitars to build his own custom line of guitars.

Working on the design and name with Gibson Execs and Engineers, Hook, a huge military and history enthusiast, came up with the perfect guitar and name, the M4 Sherman. The guitar line went into production in 2013.

Hook appeared on the History Channel's Counting Cars on July 9, 2013. His motorcycle had broken down on the side of the road and the show's star, Danny "The Count" Koker, happened to come along and help get Hook's motorcycle running. Hook later appeared in the episode, receiving an Ace Frehley tattoo at Koker's tattoo shop.

In 2016 his foresight came to fruition, Hook was the producer and lead character in the Award-Winning Documentary “Hired Gun”. The film goes behind the scenes and explores the personalities and creativity of the best session players and backup musicians in the world, ranging from Billy Joel and David Foster, to rock guitarist John 5 (Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson)
"Hired Gun" features interviews with Hook, Alice Cooper, Jason Newsted (METALLICA), Richard Patrick (FILTER), former OZZY OSBOURNE bassist Rudy Sarzo, KISS drummer Eric Singer, John Mellencamp drummer Kenny Aronoff, guitarist Steve Vai and others such as Producers Bob Ezrin and David Foster.

Hired Gun went on to Win numerous awards at different film festivals, such as Best Documentary, Audience Choice Award Best Film, and was recently Trending top 5 most watched movies on Netflix. Hook Co-wrote the Hired Gun title track with friend and fellow artist Jonny Hetherington from Art of Dying.

TV, Radio and Media appearances have been too many to list, but a few standouts have been NFL's Madden 2012, Producer for Hired Gun, History Channels "Counting Cars", Discovery Channels “ My Cat from Hell", VH1’s That Metal Show and many more.
Honing his writing skills, Hook has penned many of Five Finger Death Punch’s Biggest hits, such as Wash It All Away, Remember Everything, Coming Down, Trouble, Lift me up and Battle Born.
You’ll find Hook getting up early in the morning, producing music in his home studio, (The Leopards Nest) and touring with his band Five Finger Death Punch.

Hook has played and extensive part in Five Finger Death Punch’s Colossal success, contributing heavily to the 8 Million albums sold, 4 US Certified Platinum and 2 Certified Gold Albums.

Jason Hook Guitarist of Five Finger Death Punch - Life at home