Mika Tyyskä: Mr. Fastfinger Trio : Effortless - Amazing live at Sellon kirjasto

Welcome to the front seat! Here’s opening number Effortless from our live gig last Saturday at Sellon kirjasto. A show at Library in Espoo: we shall call this: Library Live ;)
This is not the easiest tune to perform live but finally after 4 and half years it’s starting to pay off. Quite proud of this trio performance!!!
If you like this and I hear some positive feedback, I might have another video from this concert for you next week!!!
And don't you think Thomas and Lasse are doing an amazing job?!!!

This audio of this video was recorded with our Zoom L12 mixer which works as our in-ear monitor mixer. Every bad rehearsal we mic the drums with 4 mics and hook the guitar amp DI and bass DI to it. Feels natural to play the gig with the environment you're used to rehearse with. Clear and good sounds, most enjoyable way to play! The mix you hear here was quickly done based on setting that I've set to work with our rehearsal recordings.

New EP will be released 21th of April. Two weeks from now and the new album will be mastered next week. That's right, two releases on the way. The EP is called "Exploding Heart" and it’s celebrating the 10 year old The Way of the Exploding guitar -album. Something special to interrupt this long silence. "Mountain Tone" is the main course and we've been working on this for soooo long time. It's about time to let go. You WILL love this album!

Mr. Fastfinger Trio : Effortless - Amazing live at Sellon kirjasto