Federico Vese: When Reality Disarticulates by Asymmetric Universe

"Hermeneutic Shock" is the first single from the debut EP
"When Reality Disarticulates" - out March 15, 2019.


1.Trees Houses Hills 02:52
2.Hermeneutic Shock 05:21
3.Off the Beaten Track 06:34
4.The Clouds Passing By 04:58
about“When Reality Disarticulates” is about the difficulties that mankind faces losing every reference point in life and the resulting research of new coordinates beyond the simple Truth.
released March 15, 2019

Federico Vese – Guitars
Nicolò Vese – Bass
Gabriele Bullita - Drums
Guest Trumpet solo on “The Clouds Passing By” – Cesare Mecca
Guest Vocals – Max Giglio

Composed, arranged and produced by Federico Vese and Nicolò Vese
Recorded by Federico Ascari @ Wavemotion Recordings
Vocals and Trumpet recorded by Federico Vese
Mixed by Federico Vese
Mastered by Federico Ascari @ Wavemotion Recordings
Artwork and Design by Carol Aldrighi @ Moonlover – Visual Arts
all rights reserved

Asymmetric Universe - Hermeneutic Shock (Official Music Video)