Davide Pepi: Binaural Echoes - Playthrough across Europe

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Just to be honest with you, I didn't want to publish a playback video but I've many reasons for having done so!

1) this videos is a recollection of great memories that I've shared with my guitar students during a long interrail we took to go from Florence to Goteborg visiting the Freak Guitar Camp of Mr Mattias IA Eklundh!

2) technical issues: Imagine me, wandering across europe with a 20 kg trolley, one guitar with a little zoom g3n, and a camera...I didn't have enough shoulders to bring with me a laptop and recording equipment too! It would have been a nightmare!

3) this is just pure entertainment...I wanted to make something a little different from the classic playthrough in studio!! If the hands movement doesn't match the music is because I've shot the video way before recording the song as you can listen to it now!

Asteroids by Davide Pepi https://davidepepi.bandcamp.com/releases

1.Binaural Echoes 04:50
2.Asteroids (feat. Alex Argento) 04:10
3.Spanish Fever 04:24
4.T.I.M.N 02:51
5.Misunderstorming Blues 04:18
6.Song for C 03:18
7.Flying Higher (feat. Claudio Pietronik) 06:06

Binaural Echoes // Blinding Migraine // Playthrough across Europe - Davide Pepi

ASTEROIDS feat. Alex Argento// Giovanni Cilio // Luca Giachi - Davide Pepi Playthrough