Andy Gillion, Jeff Loomis: Skyless Music Video - Metal Injection

Andy Gillion pre order the album, and posts first single from the album featuring Jeff Loomis.

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Andy Gillion pre order the album

After 3 years putting this together, my solo album, "Neverafter", will be released on November 15th! You can Pre-order the album and t-shirt now!
Thanks to everyone who's helped to support this project so far - it wouldn't have been possible without you :) . So proud of this and can't wait for people to hear it.

Track Listing:

  1. Chapter I. Nocturne
  2. Chapter II. Becoming the Nightmare
  3. Chapter III. Skyless (feat. Jeff Loomis)
  4. Chapter IV. Becoming the Dream
  5. Chapter V. Aria (feat. Christina Marie)
  6. Chapter VI. Black Lotus
  7. Chapter VII. The Lost Melody
  8. Chapter VIII. Shards of a Forgotten World
  9. Chapter IX. Hiraeth (feat. Paul Wardingham)
  10. Chapter X. Lullaby
  11. Chapter XI. Neverafter
All music composed and orchestrated by Andy Gillion

Co-produced, mixed and mastered by Thomas “Plec” Johansson at The Panic Room, Sweden.

Guest guitar solo on “Skyless” by Jeff Loomis

Guest guitar solo on “Hiraeth” by Paul Wardingham

Guest vocals on “Aria” by Christina Marie

Drums performed by 66Samus (Samus Paulicelli)

Album artwork by Kim Aldau

Chapter III. Skyless (feat. Jeff Loomis)