Jung Joo-ri: conservative cooler - indie rock band - Onstage 2.0

Busan's indie rock band sings the cheerfulness that blooms in Melange. The vintage sound is based on 6-70s style jumble pops. Guitar and vocals Jung Joo-ri, guitar and composition beads, bass Lee Sang-won, drum Choi Un-kyu. It's hard to define a four-something more pleasant than you think, but it's a pretty cool band. It is a unique style that combines sophistication and roughness, and has become the most notable in the Korean indie scene beyond Busan. The onstage stage was with dancer Lee Jae-eun. [ YouTube ] [ Instagram ] [ Facebook ] [ Musician League ]
[Onstage 2.0] Maintenance Cooler-0308

[Onstage 2.0] Conservative Cooler-Cotton

Onstage 2.0] Conservative Cooler-Kill