Andy James: Shakespears Sister "Stay" , dedicated to his late father.

I sat down to start writing something that would be a way of commemorating the anniversary of my fathers passing, but it was a completely different song than what I ended up with, which is quite often the case when you follow a tangent creatively. I had this tapping idea and as I was playing around with it, it reminded me of the twist melody in the Shakespears Sisters song "Stay" so thought why not cover it? Not really one for recording cover versions, but i thought i'd see where it went as I actually loved this song as a kid, so the result of that is what you see in this video.

If it wasn't for my Dad buying me my first guitar, I might not have had the life i have now which i'm very grateful for so this is dedicated to him.


If you want the song for free, download here:

Original writers credits Siobhan Fahey, Marcella Detroit and David A Stewart

Cover version recorded, mixed and Mastered by Andy James

Shakespears Sister "Stay" Cover by Andy James