Edward Gavitt: "Mononoke" | Secret Mall

Secret Mall was formed by four young New York based musicians looking to combine their musical upbringing in jazz with their fascination of internet culture and strong sense of humor.

The collective, with Alfredo Colon on the Electric Wind Instrument, Edward Gavitt on guitar, Steve Williams on bass, and Andres Valbuena on drums has had the chance to perform in many recognized spaces in the New York music scene including: Yale University, The Jazz Gallery, The New School (The New Stone/The Glassbox), Shapeshifter Lab, and Williamsburg Music Center.

In July 2017, Secret Mall released their debut EP titled YeeP, with original compositions by all members combining the sounds of modern jazz, futurefunk, and vaporwave.

Filmed at The Jazz Gallery NYC | August 2017

Video by Noof Designs

Alfredo Colon - EWI
Edward Gavitt - Guitar
Steve Williams - Bass
Andres Valbuena - Drums

"Mononoke" | Secret Mall