Lari Basilio, Roy Ziv, Eric Woolard, Michael Wagner, Feodor Dosumov:Mega Collab!

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Five of the most talented artists on the frontline of modern guitar playing, join forces in this colossal jam collab series. This spectacular soloing session is packed with furious fusion, country shred and a whole lot more!

Featuring Eric Woolard’s onslaught of killer country shred licks, Michael Wagner’s trademark high-energy stadium rock vibes, Lari Basilio’s highly expressive signature elegance, Roy Ziv’s masterful use of the hexatonic scale and Feodor Dosumov’s ludicrous brand of fusion. There’s a wealth of styles, skills and techniques to get your hands on.

In this pack, you’ll get the complete collab jam video/audio as well as the 5 solo sections. Each of the artist’s solos comes with video/audio, tab/notation and both solo length and extended backing tracks.

Revolutionise your soloing toolkit by incorporating the unique styles and crazy licks of five of the most notorious names in modern guitar playing.

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Mega Collab! (Lari Basilio, Roy Ziv, Eric Woolard, Michael Wagner & Feodor Dosumov)