Alberto Barsi: A Matter of Priority

Alberto Barsi | 18 y.o | Lucca, Italy \ London, UK

Special thanks to Coop. Apuana Marmi Vagli for letting us use one of their beautiful marble caves. This one is called Cava Quinta, located in their Piastra Bagnata site.

Sponsored by Brotherhood of the Guitar

Simone Rabassini: Video
Michele Bertocchini (Tana del Lupo studio): Production & mixing
Davide Prew (MEDA Sound studio): Mastering
Luca Riccomini: Bass
Alessandro Giusfredi: Drums
Giacomo Bruno: Keyboard solos
Arianna Macherelli: Make-up & additional video shooting
Victor Valobonsi: Drone & additional video shooting
Yendry Burgos: Additional video shooting

Alberto uses: Ernie Ball Majesty guitar | Ernie Ball Regular Slinky strings | Fractal AX8 | Reference cables | Dunlop picks 2.00mm | Di Marzio Illuminator pick-ups