Paul Gilbert: Werewolves of Portland + Vernon Solos II

Pre-Order the NEW ALBUM "Werewolves of Portland," and get the amazing "Vernon Solos II" digital download NOW!

YES! I am making a brand new album called "Werewolves of Portland"! You can be the first to hear the music by pre-ordering the digital download (scheduled for June 2020.) While I'm making the album, you can enjoy the "Vernon Solos II" digital download NOW. "Vernon Solos II" is from a cassette that I recorded in the late 80s during the peak of my Racer X athletic guitar powers. The 90 minute cassette transferred perfectly to digital, and if you like Racer X and terrifying guitar solos, this album is for you! (This is all new solos, and different from the previously released "Vernon Solos.")

Werewolves of Portland & Vernon Solos Ii Digital Download!